Accommodation rules


  1. Guest registration and all calculations should be made at the reception.
  2. Rooms are provided to the guests only with the full payment.
  3. Check-in time: 2 p.m., сheck-out time 12 a.m.

Late check-out charges are the following:

before 5 p.m. - half a day payment (50%);

after 5 p.m. - a day payment (100% ).

  1. There is an extra payment for additional personal: 500 rubles without an additional sleeping place and 700 rubles with an additional sleeping place
  2. 2,000 ruble deposit will be charged upon arrival as a guarantor of the property safety. The deposit will be refunded upon departure. The deposit may be paid by cash or by bank transfer. Making a deposit by Pay, the guest is informed and agrees that the defrosting of funds on the card will be carried out in a period of 14 to 30 days.
  3. If there is no connection with a guest more than 6 hours after check-in time, the hotel has a right to cancel the unpaid booking. The guest`s accommodation is carried out in turn if the hotel has available rooms.
  4. Reservation cancel or change must be made according to ratу conditions.
  5. Accommodation and additional service payments are effected in rubles, by cash or cashless payments. We accept: MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MAESTRO.
  6. The guest pays the room price according to the price list if the guest agrees with hotel standing rules. The contract of providing hotel services is concluded to be dealt. the agreement is published on the official site.
  7. Smoking in the room and at the hotel territory is strictly forbidden due to Federal Law of the Russian Federation on February 23, 2013 N 15-FZ «Citizens’ health protection from smoking influence on environment and consequences of tobacco consumption». 5000 rubles fine will be charged for violation of the smoking ban.
  8. The Management Office is not responsible for left guests’ valuable things in the room. If guests have forgotten their stuff, the Management Office is taking steps to return it to their owners. If the owner cannot be found, it is saved for 3 (three) months only.
  9. Hotel Management has a right to visit rooms without an agreement with the guest in the event of smoke, fire, flood, as well as violation of accommodation rules, social standards and rules of using household appliances.
  10. The hotel has the right to terminate the contract for providing hotel services unilaterally, or to refuse extending the residence period in the event of violation of accommodation rules, late payment for hotel services, material damage of the hotel property.
  11.  Guest agrees to compensate the material damage cost according to the price list.
  12. Information on current prices for hotel rooms and additional services is available on our website and placed at the reception desk.
  13. The hotel room is provided only if the guest has a passport of a Russian Federation, a foreign citizen's passport (national passport, identity card (Kazakhstan), as well as a valid visa to the Russian Federation, the migration card (except for citizens of the Republic of  Belarus), diplomatic passport, sailor`s passport, military identification card (for those receiving active duty). It is forbidden to register with a driving license.
  14. The following services are free:
  • using of all equipment of rooms, according to the room category;
  • cable TV;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • taxi call;
  • wake-up calls;
  • ambulance call.
  1. Guests are required to:
  • follow hotel accommodation rules;
  • not disturb other guests in the hotel, keep quiet and follow social standards in the room and the hotel from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m.;
  • keep the room and the hotel clean;
  • exclude the possibility of infection in the room;
  • follow the rules of fire safety strictly, without incurring fires;
  • notify any hotel employee in the event of a fire in the room immediately;
  • pay for services provided by the hotel timely and in a full amount;
  • close hydrants, turn off the light, close the door leaving the room;
  • compensate the hotel equipment damage in a full amount.
  1. Guests are forbidden to:
  • leave visitors in their room alone, or leave a key for them;
  • keep animals (including birds, reptiles, insects) in the room;
  • smoke.
  • having parties;
  • only registered guests can present in a room.
  1.  It is forbidden to make professional video and photo shooting in rooms without the consent of the management.